Saturday, January 9, 2010

Misdirected love

In light of the recent happenings back home in Malaysia, I thought I spent some time writing down my thoughts in a structured way to share with you what I think about it and also for me to be more at ease. (I have all these thoughts running to and fro between my mind and it drives me nuts – I’ve been waking up ridiculously early for the past few days and you can guess what are the first few thoughts)

For the uninformed, I will just attempt to summarize what happened. Due to what I believe is immature leadership, an issue that was considered as a ‘hot topic’ back home was not handled well. As a result, some churches have been victims of Molotov cocktails and of course, with that, a certain kind of unrest. By all means, visit any Malaysian news website, be it the mainstream ones or the radical ones and they would be able to do more justice in sharing with you the latest. Try Google J

I was disgusted when I first heard of it. Disgusted because well, it is just not right and that feeling developed into one of (pauses to think of a word).. I can’t put it into a word but it was along the lines of ‘man, what I am still doing here in Australia?’

As you can imagine then, the subsequent next few hours developed into a struggle with Him and myself.

I am a bit more at peace right now. I was reminded of course of a brief article I was reading a few days ago which expounded on Peter’s response to Jesus in John 13:37 ‘Lord, why can I not follow You now?’ The author went on to talk about worship, waiting and work and suggested that they should go as one and it is a discipline that must be developed.

I would imagine people would have various responses to what has been happening back home. Some may be further convinced that they should try even harder to migrate to another country, some would see it as another point of accusation towards the current government and capitalize on it, some might see it as license to do something radical and so forth.

What is our response as a follower of Jesus?

If there was one thing that I first thought of was, wow, what a fantastic opportunity for the Malaysian Church to unite as one. In my understanding and knowledge so far, unity amongst Malaysian churches have been sporadic or minimal. In John 17, Jesus prayed that ‘all may be one’ (verse 21) and we often forget that these were the last few moments before He was crucified and when read in the context of that, it just makes you sit up straight in your seat and wonder, maybe Jesus knew that Church disunity was a huge thing that would be lacking in the Universal Church today. I was further encouraged even more as the Bible teaches us that Jesus intercedes on our behalf to the Father today and one could suggest that unity is one thing that He is still praying for.

When one part suffers, all suffers. Persecution has always been there. It is just translated and expressed differently in various circumstances. And what happened can be seen as one form of persecution in its infancy. The Bible teaches us too that we must expect persecution if we are really following Him.

Some people’s FB status goes along the lines of ‘the only thing left to do is pray’ and well, I can’t help but wonder, it sounds a bit defeated.

‘You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more until you have prayed’ -AJ Gordon

2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: v2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy unloving…..

I am reminded too of the passage above that we are living in the last days and people will still have love, but a love that is misdirected. And I think at the core of it all, the cause of the recent events is a result of misdirected love.

I have friends who are out there in the mission field, back home in the middle of all the action and I sometimes wonder also, why can’t I go and join them yet. It’s like we’re in a football game and we are not losing (we won’t loseJ) but the team needs help and I’m on the substitutes bench and I know what I can do (or at least I think..) and I’m so eager to just run in and help but the Coach just looks at me and says, it’s not your turn yet.

Maybe I really am not ready yet.

To continue the analogy, I was taught too that if you can’t play, at least cheer them on so that is what I will do for now. I have been praying too that God would let me feel what they feel so that I can pray better and I will not get too comfortable with life here.

I learnt something while attending a Residential Bible School back when I was in my ‘teen-years’ (I can’t believe I just used that phrase) and I learnt that God did not give me a Malaysian passport to change it and so I will continue on with that belief.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New beginnings..

And so, 2009 came just like that and left and it's 2010 already, just some pictures for your viewing pleasure from December

OCF Australia 51st National AGM at Port Klang Gospel Hall, that was a momentous one, will never forget that :)

Ah Kong's Birthday

Made breakfast on Christmas morning - Back in Adelaide
Tried a roast pork belly dish from Jamie Oliver's book. Turned out well. Only dish to be finished for Christmas dinner.

Flowers which were supposed to bloom on Christmas morning, man..feel so cheated by the florish shop now..its only blooming now. Oh well..haha..
Guess what came back with me to Adelaide :)
Got more cookbooks for Christmas presents. Thank you, Mr Chai :) ...was saying the other day males are getting a tad bit domesticated already..haha..just a tad..
On a separate note, was just doing some reflecting this morning and setting down some goals and a thought came to me. One of the things that interest me is that how each generation (X, Y, Baby boomers) have traits which are specific to them and even more if I zoomed in on models, like for example, the Malaysian Youth from the 80's, we have similar wants. And so, I was thinking, from my conversations and observations with my peers, I realised that a lot us want change (some with noble reasons, some well..a bit selfish la), and we crave for significance, to be valued. I believe these 2 traits are linked.

The environment around us also helps further fuel that desire. Most of us are living in our 'parents world'. What we have today is what the generations before set in place. They set up the policies that we have today, the governments that lead us today, the tax rates we pay and so on...basically the way of life. And specifically with us coming from rather comfortable backgrounds, we like to have things our way. That could start in us a desire to want change..possibly. There are also groups of people who after having experienced much have come to the point to say that life is too short to do anything else, let us choose a life of significance and denied all form of selfish desires.

And I don't think there is good or bad in that, it's just how the way things are.

What the world needs today are visionary Christians who would make a stand for God and well influence how the world around us is developing. I'm not asking for us to control His hand to do what we want. That is not even possible. What I believe is that we need to start availing ourselves to let Him use us. Desires for change could sometimes be placed there in your heart by Him. Think about it this way, He could have allowed you to be a baby boomer for example, but He chose for you to be part of this generation and He allowed what happen to shape you for a reason..for such a time as this.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tribute to my 4 legged friend

When in grieve, writing always help.

And so we were told just recently that Amber (one half of the Wong family doggies) passed away. We were shocked and of course sad. It's interesting how one dog can have an impact not only to us as individuals but to us a family. Ask anyone of us and we will have our own stories to share about Amber.

I remember days of chasing her..literally. We were not very good owners, rarely took her out for walks. Whenever we left the gate slightly opened, she would dashed out and one of us would run after to catch her to bring her back. Our neighbours must have thought, 'crazy jokers chasing after their dog around the neighbourhood'.

I remember also days when she would just sit down and rest her head in between the grils of the door looking oh so adorable but we knew deep down, she wanted to get more food (eg. chicken bones which apparently are harmful to dogs). haha

And there was that time also when she jumped into the fish pond. That was funny...

She was also a 'friend' to me. Weird as it sounds, used to sit down with her and just talk to her while patting her. Knowing there was not a slight chance of her responding to my rants/complains in life, I shared quite a bit with her..haha. And interestingly enough, she would look back at me with her tongue hanging out and with a face that has no worries at all, and that was enough to remind me of the simple truth of sometimes, just take it easy.

Being away from home and her for quite a bit helps the grieving process but as I was talking to my sister, that we won't forget the memories. The many times she annoyed us and also the many more times she brought us joy.

It is interesting how God allows these kind of things. I believe its in His will too to have allowed us to have a dog and I believe He has also taught us some things through our 4 legged friend.

Once read the book 'Cat and Dog theology' by Bob Sjogren & Gerald Robison and it brought some interesting perspectives to our relationship with Him. And of course, having dogs yourself help to illustrate the examples better.

Thank You God for the memories and for Amber.

Bye Bye 'ber'..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jamie's American Road trip

And so I just finished watching the first episode of Jamie's American Road trip. Totally enjoyed it, always enjoy watching Jamie Oliver (i enjoy listening to the British accent so I could be bias..haha), he's touring America trying out the underground/local cuisines prepared by migrants. There was a chap which he met, a Colombian who works as a school bus driver by day and at nights, cooks for about 70plus homeless illegal migrants and distributes the food to them.

I was reminded of

Luke 4:18-19 The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, because He has annointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.

I get excited when I hear/see of churches who are integrated in their local communities doing acts of justice, defending those who are weak, feeding those who are hungry, being a channel for His power. I get even more excited when together with these, there is an active proclaimation of the gospel and lives being saved. And I know it is hard to strike a balance.

I'm reminded from a thought shared by K.P Yohannan in his book, 'Revolution in World Missions' where he makes the point that yes, it is important for a church to meet the social need but it is more important to meet the spiritual need as often, the physical needs are an expression of their spiritual state.

God, wake us up from our spiritual slumber that we may see how much we need You in our lives.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sippin' a cup of warm Camomiile and Green Tea and eating lemon crisps from Arnott's...ah pure bliss...

I've never felt so 'aunty' before..hehehe.

Woke up rather early this morning and had a sudden urge to have them for breakfast as I spent the time reading His Word and reflecting.

I can't believe I'm excited for OCF Australia's National AGM, like uber excited! I was never one who fancied formality and 'motions' and all that sort. And I still don't think I am. I am excited more for what He is going to do through it and for the lives He is going to touch and's going to be in Klang :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just like that. .

And just like that, October's coming to an end and we will be into our 'last leg' for the year 09.

I was recently convinced by Ms Lee (all the way from UK) to go out to get the book, 'Boundaries in dating.' by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. I never thought i would invest in a book on relationships. The last and only book I have ever read on relationships was 'I kissed dating goodbye' by Joshua Harris. (I 'borrowed' it from a friend and haven't returned it..haha)

Interesting point: Cloud and Townsend made some remarks to debunk Harris' thoughts on dating in their first chapter. I was like, Woah, these 2 books would probably be the only books I will ever read on relationships and they potentially would offer 2 different views. But then again, I like to read/listen/hear what others think/say hence also the sudden impulse to invest in a book on relationships.

Just finished an autobiography-like book on Rees Howells and also 'A backpack and a bit of luck,' by Zhang Su Li, that was an enjoyable read.

The other books that I'm currently taking my time through also are 'Your Church. . can make a World of Difference' by Allan Webb and 'Coffee on the Terrace' by Bruce Grayden, a Wycliffe missionary who was based in the Phillipines.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

for your amusement

and so i got my salary and i was like all..oo..$$..haha..but it was a short-lived one..after dividing it to a few portions to be put here and there..i was left with very little and then it dawned upon me..this is going to be one lonng year..and here i was thinking....i dont hv to be a scrooge and look for cheap bargains anymore (it can be tiring sometimes - but i still get the kicks when i find a loaf of Helgas bread for AUD 2 tho) and then it hit me again too..earning my own moolah dosent equate to a more 'comfortable' life but the opposite actually.i've to be wise in my using them as I can't or at least shouldn't be running to Mama-Papa Sdn Bhd for $$ anymore..

and so..i went to harris-scarfe (probably aussie's equivalent of jusco) to look for some working socks. ive only got 1 pair (and no, i havent been re-wearing them everyday and end up developing athlete's foot) but ive been wearing my other like 'sporty' looking socks..everytime i sit down, i was a bit embarassed coz u know how the pants will be pulled up a bit revealing your socks hence the importance of choosing socks which will match your attire for the day.but after a while..i was like..hiya..cannot think too much..

but anyways..i went to harris-scarfe to look for working socks on sunday and i was so excited when i found a set of 3 for 15dollars reduced from 25..(and the chinese uncle would say....'pieerree cardin' one somee moree..i dont even know what brand it is..but i've a hunch that a typical chinese uncle would have that reaction) I just thought it would be easy to match as they were black in colour with minimal designs. and so i bought it feeling rather proud with myself for finding a bargain..

this morning when i wore one of them for the first time, i realised why they were reduced...

they didnt match!

the colour was the same but the way they were sewn together was they had different thread was plain, the other had lines...

i just laughed at still going to wear them..only someone who focuses on it can pick out the difference..i doubt ppl will actually like stare at my feet/ankle....but then again..i actually wear a quite striking colour shoe...oh well...